Transitioning to NOW

What was doesn’t matter. Only what is. If every poker player could live by this little aphorism, then the standard of play would skyrocket. Our mind doesn’t like the present; it prefers the past and the future. It is difficult to stay centred, and poker players know this better than most. …[Read more...]

Profiting from ICM Pressure Defense

To apply “ICM pressure” means to bet or raise into players who are risk averse because of the stage of the tournament. The bet or raise can be preflop or postflop, into one or multiple opponents, in SNGs or MTTs.  ICM pressure is a crucial skill of the game, and a good tournament player should …[Read more...]

Raise / folding 88 on the bubble

This is from a spot that a friend of mine posted on the STTF on 2+2.  This is a 9 seat STT on Merge.  The BB player was a good reg that hero had some history with in these type of spots.  In this particular hand hero had reason to believe that the BB was shoving back at him with a pretty wide …[Read more...]

Busting Live Mtts SUCKS!!!

Helo Team This month i played a live mtt in Thesaloniki, the CYPT 550euros buyin. Heres a fast update. Day1 started with 20k chips in 1 hour blind levels. The bigest pot i played was with AA i raised 4x the button with 1 limper small blind and limper calls. Checked to me 3 way J83 …[Read more...]

21 Losing Days, 21 Winning Days and $4.3K Profit + WSOPc

Well its been a while since ive updated my blog, which is probably due to a mix of being too lazy and lack of motivation due to my volume online. In my first blog I had said that my goals were to play 1,500 games a month online. This month I have come far from that and have played about a third of …[Read more...]

Quick Update

  Hello All! Very quick update here, due to work commitments poker has been slow since May and will be for another month or so, then hopefully get right back on the ship and grind some SNGs out. (As much as I can with 20 min HUSNGs ;-) I’ve got below my total lifetime HUSNG Limit …[Read more...]

Recreational Players: A Look Back/Forward

I’ve been planning to write a blog about the anniversary of Black Friday, but I wanted to let everyone else get their two cents out first as I had a different take on the subject. Of course there were the articles and blogs about how online, baller pros are still stinging from having their …[Read more...]

Finding A Villain’s 3-bet Calling Range

You can find the link to the Gdocs Spreadsheet Template on my other Blog Inspirational/Awesome Video of the Week:
YouTube Direkt…[

waynson 3rd week review

Hi guys, another week passed and im really happy how i played. I was able to top my personal record and won 1434 $ in SnGs only on the 31th of march. Smallish session of maybe 80 games and i insta binked a 15 $ 180 which i started to mix in and shipped two 3 $ R 180s right after.   …[Read more...]

Let it rain!

Hello guys! It´s been a long time since my last update, but better later than never! The true is that this  new year  has been full of  ups and downs leading to finishing January nearly breakeven pre rakeback,  so after the last year has been only straight to heaven direction, it …[Read more...]

Mal comienzo

Ah sido terrible este comienzo de año ya tengo un poco mas de un mes en el equipo Moshman y a pesar de la ayuda que he recibido de Fernando y Andrew sigo sin poder levantar en ganancias. Sufri una pequeña decepcion cuando fui desendido a los sit de 180 jugadores de $2.50, luego de estar en …[Read more...]

Poker in 2012

Firstly, introductions.  As a new coach on the TM roster I am very eager to get busy coaching and being more active on the skype chats. I am mainly a 9man turbos kind of guy but have recently moved into 18man turbos which I am finding very profitable right now.  If you want to know a …[Read more...]

Losing Is Actually Winning!

Its an outrageous statement i know but i wanna talk about what i mean and how it applies to poker. You will often hear quotes along the lines of “You learn more when you lose than you do when you win”. This holds very true in poker, probably more so than in other aspects of life. Say for …[Read more...]

Darragh787′s Blog.

Hey everybody. Just thought I’d start a blog to keep me motivated and hopefully get some comments on my play and goals. My Coach is Lee (mA_sYeR1) and I’m playing NL Heads up Sngs. Just beginning to get the hang of all the basic plays for husngs atm before I start into fancy play and Lee has …[Read more...]

I am different, like you

Of course I am different. Everyone’s unique in some kind of way, so what makes me believe I am really different. Well I only mean it in a poker kind of way. My whole view on it, just is different compared to other players. I’ve been talking a lot with poker players. Beginners, enthusiasts, …[Read more...]