Before starting coaching with Team Moshman I was, there’s no other way to put it, a fish. (See drewsteriam5 on Stars.) Almost immediately after my first live coaching session, I was in the positive and haven’t looked back since. If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to learn from any one of the great coaches on the team, be prepared to see instant results. The level of skill and professionalism on this team is off the charts, and they are always standing by to answer any questions I have. Joining Team Moshman was hands-down the best poker decision I’ve ever made.

Drewsteriam5 on Full Tilt, Kagera on Merge


I’m a full-ring nl100 cash game player. During my 6 months of being coached by Team Moshman, I learned how to recognize a ton of situations where I was losing money or not winning nearly as much as I should have. Some of the many areas in which my coach helped me improve were 3-betting, value betting light, isolating limpers, and 2-barreling.

After being coached, my results have improved dramatically, and I have even begun coaching other students in the Team Moshman program. There is a vibrant community of players and coaches playing cash, SNGs, and MTTs; no matter what type of poker you play, there is likely someone there who is an expert in that form of the game, and very happy to discuss it with you.

RePairMike on RPM

I have only been a Team Moshman student now for 5 weeks, but have already seen a big improvement in my game. Having been on a long break even run, I immediately started winning again and my profit graph has shot up.

To give some examples of what to expect, I have had sweat sessions from both my allocated coach and another senior team coach. I’ve had my hand histories analyzed for valuable leakfinding, and have enjoyed talking directly with Collin on Skype.
All in all, it’s a great support network with many coaches available 24/7 on Skype. A great bunch of experts all at my fingertips, the rest of you poker players don’t stand a chance.

John Hughes, Fifithecat on Stars

I started playing HU limit for Team Moshman over a year ago. At the time I was struggling to make it as a poker player, needing to frequently withdraw rather than reinvest into my bankroll.  The staking, support and guidance I received from the team were the keys to my successfully moving from $5 and $10 sitngos to regularly beating the $50s and $100s, where I now make my living.

Daffydeth on Full Tilt, Spewinaces on Paradise


Before I started getting coached by team Moshman I was the worst kind of donkey. I was the donkey who thought they could play poker. After finally admitting to myself I stunk I decided to seek help. I signed up for coaching and played 25NL. My coach turned me into a winning player in about two weeks. My win rate was close to 4 bb or 2 BB per 100 hands in full ring. I wasn’t a fan of cash games even though I was winning so I decided to make the switch to SNGs. The team did a great job transitioning me from one coach to another. After being coached for three small winning weeks I started crushing the $5-$10 SNGs on merge. This graph shows my results over my last 400 SNGs since I started getting coaching.

Beginning to work with Team Moshman was one of the best decisions I ever made to improve my poker game.

Titan125 on Merge