All coaching is on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis where you pay a percentage of your profits in exchange for coaching with a team member who is an established expert in your game type.  This policy guarantees that you will never pay for coaching out of pocket; any coaching costs you incur will be more than met by your profits.  And if you’re not beating your games, the coach doesn’t get paid.


Our goal is for breakeven players to become winning players, and winning players to advance to an elite level.  Even for players of the highest ability, the cost of a coach can easily pay for itself.


Our philosophy is that continual improvement is more important than eventual perfection.   You will work with an established coach who is a very winning player in your game type, and have access to an entire network of fellow winning players and other coaches equally dedicated to improvement.  The arrangement is designed not only to improve your immediate results, but your lifelong earning potential as a professional poker player.


You may apply for a coaching deal here.


Coaching FAQ

Q: What are the terms of coaching-based memberships?
A: We believe that the value of coaching is directly based on proven results.  Your coach will be paid entirely as a percentage of your profits playing.  The exact terms will vary according to your previous results, your chosen stakes and your anticipated volume. I am entirely confident that my coaching staff will turn you into a significantly more winning player, and that is why all the deals we offer are “No win, No fee.”

Q: What game types are available?

A: All games, including Sit ‘N Go, multi-table tournaments, and cash.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for a coaching deal.

A: As a guideline, players should be looking to play a minimum of 150 games per week with an average buy in of at least $5 for this coaching method to be suitable.  Cash players should look to play a minimum of 10,000 hands per week at $25NL or higher.