Team Moshman Backing

What is a Backing Arrangement?

We will provide you with a bankroll to play online SNGs, MTTs, or cash games.   You play the agreed buyin, game format and minimum volume each week as prescribed in the agreement.  Profits are then split, ensuring that both sides are fully committed to the player’s success.

All players accepted will join a network of dedicated winning players who interact through several very active Skype chats. We fully stand behind every player that we back.


What are the Requirements for a Stake?

For us to consider staking you, you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the following criteria.

√  Sharkscope, PTR, or other results database that shows you have a positive winrate over a sample size of approximately 1000 tournaments or 100,000 hands of cash.  Your stats should be in line with solid winners at your chosen stakes .

√  Volume is crucial.  The greater volume you can commit to (and display evidence of having achieved in the past), the better your application will be received.  However please be realistic about what you can achieve.

√  References from well known and active members of the poker community.

√  Agree to submit a scan of your driver’s licence and/or personal financial details as assurance of good faith.

You may apply for a stake here.