Four Hands from my 2014 WSOP

I’m back in Mexico after the annual Vegas trip. Despite several unrequited tweets to the Iceman, it was still an epic trip. The highlight for me was playing pool. I’m not a good player. But while everyone was playing seriously, Kidkash and I engaged in high-stakes and highly skilled prop bets. Namely we kept on betting $5 that the other couldn’t knock the cue ball off the table. It’s the simple pleasures in life.


World Series of Poker


I played two prelims and bricked both. Here are several hands from a Saturday $1500.


Blinds: $75-$150

Pre-flop: MP1 raises to $350, MP2 and lojack both call. I raise to $1350 in the cutoff with J7o. Only the lojack calls. We’re $8k effective.

Flop: 3d 4h 5s (Pot: $3850)

Action: Lojack checks, I bet $2150, he folds.

Analysis: Everyone in the pot was loose. I thought my image then was ridiculously tight (what’s new) and I’d be put on a range of JJ/AK or so squeezing there pre.  After the hand, MP1 kept on saying what a sick fold he had made pre. Another reg nodded his head in sympathy. That was great.


Blinds: $100-$200

Pre-flop: I raise to $500 in the cutoff with AA, and only the SB calls. We’re $14k effective.

Flop: 2s 3h 9d (Pot: $1200)

Action: He checks, I bet $550, he calls.

Turn: Kh (Pot: $2300)

Action: He checks, I bet $1350, he raises to $3350, I call.

River: 5s (Pot: $9k)

Action: He bets $4k, I call.

Analysis: The SB had only been at the table for about half an orbit, during which time he hadn’t played any hands. I knew nothing about him other than that he was about my age and appeared to be of middle eastern descent.

The problem for me at the turn was that he wasn’t repping much that beat me besides the 9 set combos, and maybe K9s. At the same time, if he did have KX going into the turn, I wouldn’t expect him to c/r turn. And I didn’t think he’d be bluffing/semi-bluffing much here. So I called turn planning to eval river, and then crying-called there too when he bet under half-pot.  Close spot.

He had 99.


I stayed short for a while after that, then tripled up with 55 AIPF to $23k and got moved to a new table that looked very soft.  I played the first hand I was dealt there.

Blinds: $500-$1000-$100

Pre-flop: I raise to $2200 in the hijack with JTo. The button and BB both call.

Flop: 9s Th Qc (Pot: 7800)

Action: Checked to the button who bets $2500, BB folds, I shove, button folds.

Analysis: My plan was for one bet to go in on the turn if the flop got checked, and to check/shove over the button if she bet.


One hand later…

Pre-flop: MP1 limps, I raise to $3200 in the lojack with 99, button 3bets to $7700, MP1 folds, I shove $31k, he tank-calls.

Analysis: I’m definitely not someone actively looking to flip, and this was the final level of day 1 fairly close to the bubble. But Villain was a young kid with a lot of chips, I assume he thought I may’ve been lag given that I had played both of my first two hands at the table and check/shoved the flop multiway in the first one. To me this is also an inflection point. If I fold here, I have under 30bb, and could end up in fold-to-the-money territory. Whereas if I got my shove through, I’d have a much better shot of being able to own the bubble.

He had AQ and won.


On a side note, if you’re a competent player, tanking here to the 4bet doesn’t make too much sense. If I continue in the hand against him, it will likely be by 4-bet shoving my 30bb stack. So if he 3bets, it should be with the plan of 3bet calling (in which case he can snap-call), or 3bet folding.

Still a great trip though, and playing live — while fun — always makes me appreciate being able to play online even more.


About Collin Moshman

Collin Moshman graduated from Caltech in 2003 with a degree in theoretical math prior to becoming a professional online sit 'n go player. He is the author of best-selling poker strategy books Sit 'n Go Strategy,
Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'em, and The Math of Hold'em. Collin is also the lead SNG coach for Cardrunners and Pokerstrategy. He lives in Mexico with his wife Katie and dog Wilbur, playing on Pokerstars as tfnc314.


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