Busting Live Mtts SUCKS!!!

Helo Team

This month i played a live mtt in Thesaloniki, the CYPT 550euros buyin. Heres a fast update.

Day1 started with 20k chips in 1 hour blind levels. The bigest pot i played was with AA i raised 4x the button with 1 limper small blind and limper calls.

Checked to me 3 way J83 rainbow cbet 70% and get min chk raised from sb which was prety fishy so far, the limper folds and i decide to play a mid size pot and call so i can

re evaluate in pos the turn… turn is a 3 no flush which is a good card for me, sb bets about 60% i decide to call one more. River is the 2d and completes the flush. Sb bets to me again oop 20% of the pot.

Looked to me like a block bet but i didnt like to raise more for value there and play a huge pot with 1 pair, so i called and won the pot, he showed me KK …wtf!

No other  big pots really on day 1 floped a couple of sets but didnt get serious action, i  finished with 35,5500 the first day.

Day2 i started prety bad. Lag fishy player  opens the coff and the sb ships 15bbs i look down on the bb and i have 1010 i minreraise over the shortstack to iso and the initial raiser folds i lost to JJ.

After this pot i droped down to 40bbs and the rest of the day i won some small pots by stealing blinds and lost some small pots where i had some easy folds.

I busted in the 1/2k level with 44k stack. I had utg AKs and i limp to trap some lags and get some dead money vs fish calling a lot the lags. Lagy button  isolates me to 6 k sb calls behind.

I ship 44k button folds 1010 sb calls with 99 ….. Brick brick brick brickbrick….


I end up in the hotel 24tabling 50nl to fix my psychology up a bit so i dont think about it….

Mtts suck, bring the next one. Good luck to all the mtt guys out there fighting variance waiting for the big pay day



  1. Collin Moshman says:

    “I end up in the hotel 24tabling 50nl to fix my psychology up a bit so i dont think about it….”

    Nice run and good solution there!

  2. Xexexe thanks Collin

  3. Vikingsfan93 says:

    I agree. Shit I just busted in an online MTT and it sucks. Live it is so much worse I know. Variance is a bitch.

  4. Trials and Tribulations of a grinder. Hand tuff .

  5. Hang Tuff i meant to say.

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