21 Losing Days, 21 Winning Days and $4.3K Profit + WSOPc

Well its been a while since ive updated my blog, which is probably due to a mix of being too lazy and lack of motivation due to my volume online. In my first blog I had said that my goals were to play 1,500 games a month online. This month I have come far from that and have played about a third of my expected volume. While ive done alright in the profit department its still doesn’t take away from the fact ive played extremely less than I wanted, but next month im hopeful ill hit the target.

Despite my lack of volume this month it has been a crazy month of grinding online to say the least. I had a $2.6K day playing the 180mans early in the month, and have been steadily killing the games throughout. As well I had came 10th out of 402 entrants in the Nightly $162 Buy-in tournament good for nearly $1K. Which was a salty score considering first place paid $11.7K, but it happens.

Stats Since Rejoining Team Moshman (MTSNG-MTTs)  : 

  • 864 Games Played
  • $4.26K Profit
  • $12.57K in Cashes
  • 21 Losing Days – 21 Winning Days
  • Avg Roi of 40.3%
  • Most MTSNGs played in a day – 83 Games
  • ITM 15.6%

Im in no position to complain with the results ive had so far since being back with Team Moshman, although there are many areas that still need improvement and hopefully next month those leaks will be fixed.

On another note, next month is the World Series of Poker Canada which is being held in Vancouver from October 27th – November 7th where I plan on playing $3-4K worth of Events. The structures seem solid, deep stacked and slow paced for most of the tournaments with a majority of them being 2-Day events which im pretty excited about. Hopefully a big live score is on the way if things go well.

Lets hope I can run train over my opponents next month as ill be stepping it up big and hopefully make it my best month to date.


  1. Awesome job man! Keep up the hard work and gl in the live events. :)

  2. Collin Moshman says:

    Exactly what John said! Congrats on the great results.

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