waynson 3rd week review

Hi guys,
another week passed and im really happy how i played.

I was able to top my personal record and won 1434 $ in SnGs only on the 31th of march.

Smallish session of maybe 80 games and i insta binked a 15 $ 180 which i started to mix in and shipped two 3 $ R 180s right after.


So the week started with a boom and ended with a boom. Im running pretty good in 180s, 45s hm well idk i might cut them forever.

Even the 7$ ones are hourly wise not high enough to make it worth to add them at the end of the session.

Already discussed that with the boys and we´re in the same boat here.

Depends maybe i´ll take stabs at the 15 $ 45s just to see how they run. Hourly wise are they a bit better than 2.50s 180s but well like i said.

I srsly have no idea if i continue to play them.

Anyways time for some graphs:





So the week started and ended with a boom and we decided together to take a stab at some higher buyin mtts yesterday.

I played some 1-8 $ rebuy sats and one 39 $ one, i bricked all and was already like 150 down and the day didnt even started yet…

To top that i busted pre addon the 5 $ cubed pre all in KK vs JJ vs crap and got rivered for a nice 300 bb pot at t50……
the 109 $ 200k , the 55 250 k and the 22 cubed one were the mtts of my choice but i run bad in all of them besides the 109.

Made it into the 3rd hour but lost a BTN vs SB race where i jammed KJo for 22 bbs over a smallish BTN raise, got called by A7s and lost. Well maybe next time.
I continued the grind and F2T´led the 5.10 hyper again, finished 28th in a small 27 $ 360 cap MTT
Alright so i was in a semi good  mood the entire session but somehow managed to gain chips in the sunday storm.

End of the story:


Oh well, maybe next time. I made some nice plays vs good players, jammed vs tight players way to wide but somehow managed to win the pots. Started to run bad at the end but thats poker.

Thats it for for, hope you enjoyed the read and see ya all next week again.


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