Let it rain!

Hello guys!

It´s been a long time since my last update, but better later than never!

The true is that this  new year  has been full of  ups and downs leading to finishing January nearly breakeven pre rakeback,  so after the last year has been only straight to heaven direction, it took me a while until I could embrace with calmness the natural swings of poker,  off course I already knew it, but until they hit you, we can allways have the secret hope that we are protected by some kind of magic like Bruce Willis in ” Unbreakable”. Well news flash everyone, unless you are in an hollywood movie thats not gonna happen.  So bear in mind everyone that are strugling with downswings, the fact that no matter how good you are,  you gonna have allways downswings, you will have days losing 50 buy ins, your aces are gonna be cracked several times, this is as certain as the fact that it will rain somedays or  your  ”invencible”  favorite sport team is gonna lose some games.

In bottom line,  So what??! You not gona curse  Saint Peter because its raining or cry a river because Barcelona or Man United whatever your choice is lose a game, so logically shouldnt do the same whenever a downswing hits you because IT WILL HAPPEN.

Anyway its much  prettier written than actually achieve that mentality, although should be your goal to be as closer as possible to that feeling of indefference in relation to variance, but meanwhile when you are still half way there, its undeniable at least to me that the raining days afects your confidence and particulary the confidence in your game, wich is bad cause you slowly start to drift and unconsciously doing -ev moves,  but the good news is that when your in the midle of this hard times, you feel an urge need to study more the game and learn new things and also consolidate and remeber the old ones wich you should do all the time but me like many out there feel more compelled to do it when things arent going our way.

Well the storm is gone now, and Im back to the sunny days wich is what  happen sooner or later with all the winning players.


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