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Hey everybody.

Just thought I’d start a blog to keep me motivated and hopefully get some comments on my play and goals.

My Coach is Lee (mA_sYeR1) and I’m playing NL Heads up Sngs. Just beginning to get the hang of all the basic plays for husngs atm before I start into fancy play and Lee has been amazing so far with indepth HH reviews and fast replying with advice.

My goals for the next 4 months is to be crushing the 30$ Husngs and be able to make more money playing poker than I am making in my shitty min wage job. Hopefully in the next 6 months I will be making enough to quit my job and move out of my parents house. (Because of recession I was not able to get a job away from home and had to move back in with my parents..(which fucking sucks)). Basically I want to become a pro and play poker for a living.

My first week I was just getting used to the hand ranges Lee sent me and I kept the play very basic and tried to apply all the knowledge I’ve learned. Would have been a far better week if I didn’t play like 40 games when tired and ruined my winrate.

Week 1 = 151 games.  82 wins and 69 losses. 43.5$ paid in rake. 54.3% Winrate and 3.73% ROI. Mathematicians may notice my statistics are slightly off and that is because I entered 1 or more 15$ HUSNGS by accident.

My Goals for week 2 are to play another 151 games and get a winrate of 60%. I think I can achieve this if I don’t run too bad and manage to avoid playing while tired or getting angry. Will do some graphs when I figure out how to do them and post some interesting hands and things I’ve learned if anyone is interested.



  1. Collin Moshman says:

    Great volume, congrats on the early results.

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