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Poker Coaching and Staking for Team Moshman. Video Producer for Blue Fire Poker. Sports Pop Culture Whore. Foodie. Dog Lover. Amateur Humorist.

FTP is a lot of things, but it’s not a Ponzi Scheme

A large number of my non-poker playing friends have sent me texts, emails, and Facebook messages regarding the amendments of the civil complaint against the “ponzi scheme” of Full Tilt Poker. I like my friends, so I'll let them continue to feel like they are Wolf Blitzer and they are … [Read more...]

Links to 2nd TM Webinar

The 2nd TM Webinar went down yesterday and wasn't a complete dumpster fire. If you couldn't make the live show, check out the stream or download it here.  Gary and I covered a number of interesting topics including: -Reaction to Merge Network rumors -Development of new Stake Manager … [Read more...]

Nephew First Berfdayaments. Division of Poker/ESPN Radio CLE Interview. PLO vid?!

Nephew First Berfdayaments The wife and my nephew turned one year old over the weekend. He got a fistful of awesome toys (Playschool basketball hoop, big wheel, big Legos, etc) and also had this baller cake. The little guy is so cute and the Wife is starting to get baby crazy herself, so … [Read more...]

Awkward Wedding Conversation

The wife and I went to a friends wedding over the weekend in Lakeville. It was a very nice outdoor wedding at an upscale restaurant on one of Minnesota's precious few lakes. As we were being herded into the dining room for the reception, a good looking, late 30s/early 40s woman (likely related to … [Read more...]

Week at the Lake

I was able to get away to Lake Carlos in Alexandria, MN this week with the wife and her family. It was really +EV to have a few days to fish, relax, and soak up a ton of sun. Thinking back, this was my first REAL vacation in almost three years (no, Vegas trips do not count!). I've usually been … [Read more...]

Ran it twice. Lost twice!!!


  Apparently both the Federal and State governments are conspiring to the pokerz away from me.   Black Friday sucked, we all know that, and some of you may have heard about the Minnesota state government shut down over budgetary issues. What you might not know is that Canterbury … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from Dad (That are also Applicable to Poker)

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, which means two things-- 1) a bunch of pro golfers are going to look like us duffers in the knee-high rough at the US Open and 2) Dads everywhere are get a weekend full of tacky ties paired with sappy Hallmarks, steaks on the grill, and maybe even a ball … [Read more...]

Congrats Jorj95 | Pokernews Error 1500 NLH Shootout

Congrats to George Lind III for his 2nd place score in the $10K O8 Championship for a cool $287,444! As some of you know, George is the absolute beast/manchild Jorj95 on Stars and a member of their Team Online. It's not the bracelet, but it is nice to see one of the truly nice guys in poker … [Read more...]

Clash with Mattisbest

Let the Epicness Begin...

Loaded up an $11 10-handed turbo on Black Chip Poker only to find fellow Team Moshman'er Mattisbest seated directly to my right. We were able to get heads up-- skillfully for him, luckily more me (I binked a 1 outer early in the SNG)-- and Epicness … [Read more...]

Accidentally ‘Tarping’ a Bear

I had the urge to live last night which turns out to be a really good thing. If I hadn't gone, the story of the greatest accidental inducing bet might have never happened. So off to the Diamond Jo Casino, the pearl of North Iowa. Kidding aside, it is a pretty decent casino. Live stage for … [Read more...]

Don’t Be the Andrew Bynum of Poker

[Read more...]

My First Rendezvous with Tacos al Pastor

We’ve all been there. While sticking religiously to our diets, counting every single calorie, and hitting the gym like a red-headed step child, we feel like we have earned the right for a pint or two with the crew after a long week of work and personal sacrifice. Then it happens. Those two … [Read more...]

Opportunity in Crisis.

We're all aware of the events of last Friday, so I won't even bother to regurgitate what we already know. A few days have passed, so now the knee-jerk, doomsday, and chicken little reactions can give way to more rational thought. This isn't the end of the world, or the end of internet poker in … [Read more...]

Best. Podcast. EVER!

I need to preface this by stating that I have no affiliation with The History of Rome podcast, but merely a massive fan of how the audible goodness strokes the Nerd center of my brain. A few weeks ago, fresh off of ravaging the latest biography of Julius Caesar- I was looking for new mediums to … [Read more...]

Learning through Pain

  Nobody (including your mother) gives a sh*t about your downswing. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Even with this knowledge, nearly every other blog entry or forum thread in the known SNG world is about downswings. “What am I doing wrong?” “Is this normal?” “How bad can … [Read more...]