Moving forwards


Hello all! Been so busy lately working and grinding/studying that I haven't had much chance to update with my progress. I have recently hit my 1st monetary target as you can see on my graph below. This took 6 months to hit, but the majority of it as you can see only hiked the past few hundred … [Read more...]

Back on the Grind – With a different perspective


Lately, I've been more focused on moving up too fast and playing higher stakes too fast. Yes of course if you crush stakes all be it move up, but I need to focus more on my game in general, and let the good take care of the rest. Since starting my stake, I had two first ok weeks learning alot and … [Read more...]

Stake update going into 4th week


Week beginning Monday 12th March was my first losing week on-stake. I wouldn't say I'm results orientated but it can be difficult sometimes to not get annoyed when it's hit after hit after hit. As the graph shows below, the graph has been all over the place. I've been mixing $7Turbos and … [Read more...]

Grinding Update


Hello All, I have been with Team Moshman for 4 months now, so here for another update on my progress. Summary of progression: $1.50 Heads-Up Limit Holdem - 23.88% ROI over 44 Reg SNGs $3.50 Heads-Up Limit Holdem - 26.54% ROI over 104 Reg SNGs $7 Heads-Up Limit Holdem - 24.5% ROI over 174 … [Read more...]

May 2012 be a great year!

Range Rover

Hello All. 2011, this was a hard year for myself in many ways including poker. This was also the year I learned the most about poker. I joined Team Moshman at the start of November, and seen me through the year end and it's not far off 3 months gone already. Where has the time went? Now, my … [Read more...]

Fixed Limit HU Update


  Hello Everyone Just an update on how things are going coming to the end of my second week being coached at Team Moshman playing Fixed Limit Heads-Up. This week started off with a few games over Tuesday / Wednesday which were not too bad. On wednesday, I had my very first live … [Read more...]

Hello Team Moshman


Hello All. Just been given access to blog, so here is a post to tell Team Moshman coaches and members about myself. My name is John Cowen and I am an Electrician from Scotland. I am 21 years old and have been playing poker for around 4 years. I think it started off coming across 888 Poker … [Read more...]